The Must-Have Travel Apps for Travelers -Don’t Leave Home Without These


It’s 2004, you are stood in an airport bookshop with The Rough Guide in one hand, and The Lonely Planet in the other, trying to work out which one to buy. One has a list of all the foods to try in Naples, but the other has a longer essential phrases list. You end up buying both, and rush onto the plane, laden with duplicate information.

Fast-forward 10 years you are now sitting at home browsing all the different travel apps that are at your disposal. Your predicament is different this time, which selfies and cat photos do you delete to fit all the apps on your phone. So that you don’t have to delete too many, here is a review of some apps that I have found useful:

XE Currency

Price: Free

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Android, Firefox OS, Windows, Blackberry

It’s all too easy to come up with a rough way of converting the cost of those Italian shoes into Sterling, usually to help justify your purchase, but you will rarely be right. This app brings live rates for more than 180 currencies around the world in one of the most simple user-friendly interfaces compared to other converters, helping you accurately budget and not get caught out.

Packing Pro

Price: £1.99

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

Optional in-app upgrades: £0.69 each

With a huge range of customisable packing lists you can easily create a list of all the outfits you need for your best friend’s hen weekend, which may well be different from the clothes you take for a week away with the in-laws. There are some sample lists of various trips already, such as ‘business trip’, but unfortunately this only provides suits and ties, with no mention of tights and bras. It would be great to see the app updated to take into account that it is not just men who go on business trips.


Price: £1.49 (sale price for a limited time)

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows,

The ability to seamlessly join up to 16 photos to create a whopping 24 megapixel panorama, saved directly to your camera roll will help you capture all those new sites you are off to explore. If your friends are not already jealous enough that you are off on a trip, you can share your finished shots instantly to Facebook and Twitter.


Price: Free

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Mobile Web

Rated by Time magazine as one of the top 25 travel apps, HopStop gives door-to-door navigation support for over 300 cities, containing up-to-date timetables for trains, buses, and ferries. It takes all the hassle out of budgeting for your trip with cost estimates, including taxis, and works out journey times, and provides you with the numbers you need to call whichever plane, train or automobile you want.


Price: Free

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

This is a brilliant app when traveling as a family, as you can keep track of when to reapply your sunscreen to keep yourself and any little ones safe. It comes complete with a sunbathing timer, alerts, and guidelines on how long to sunbathe, for responsible tanning.

JetLag Genie

Price: £1.99

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

This is as close as it gets to eradicating jet lag altogether. The app provides you with constant updates on whether you should be napping, staying awake, taking melatonin, all based on customisable trips using your flight times and destinations.

Food Spotting

Price: Free

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Android

It’s difficult enough to resist taking a snap of the omelette you just made yourself these days, let alone when you have just been presented with an exotic dish abroad. With this app you can use your food photography skills to recommend restaurants all over the world, rating dishes you’ve tried, and making a list of ones to try based on what others have posted.


Price: Free

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, GooglePlay

A refreshing community-based app which gives you traffic news from other drivers in your area. The updates include police traps, lowest fuel prices in the area, traffic, and hazards. Once you start saving time and money with this free app you will wonder how you managed without it and it will also restore your faith in humankind.

Google Translate

Price: Free

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mobile Web

With voice recognition software, and the ability to translate over 80 languages, there won’t be many places left where you can’t get by. Just tap in the phrase you want to say in your mother tongue, chose the language you want to say it in and you get the text and an optional read aloud function to help with pronunciation.

Do you have any other apps that you use? then let us know about your below.

photo credit: Wesley Fryer via photopin cc