Weird Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Blog Content

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There are days when I find myself lacking inspiration for any creative work. A predicament, many bloggers or writers find themselves in I’m sure.

Every writer can relate to the fact that sometimes the big lump of muscle we call our brains decides to malfunction and become just that, a lump. Making us doubt our writing ability.

If you’re finding the usual ways, you gain inspiration for your blog content lacking lately, why not try out these unconventional methods that I have used in the past to get over the dreaded blogger/writers block.

Book shelf Analysis

Ok so I may be over generalising here but if you’re a writer, I’m guessing you’re also an avid reader. Like me, you may have dedicated a corner of a room in your house to the trusty bookshelf. I’m also assuming that this bookshelf has -to the brim- many books that you have enjoyed in the past. Why not browse through and write a review on one of them that affected you the most, what you learned, what you enjoyed about it etc. that’s it.

I have found that looking at old books on my bookshelf gives me an insight into myself and the books that I am drawn to, this can often help in generating other ideas which I write down in my journal to come back to later.

Licence to Rant

This is a good one, who doesn’t like going on a tangent occasionally. The key here is to focus heavily on something that really pisses you off, make it witty and fun and you have yourself an interesting read.

You may even find that many of your readers have encountered the same problem. These turn out to be passionate pieces and therefore can engage your audience on a much more personal level.

Word of warning though do not, I repeat DO NOT publish this post right away. Sleep on it and come back to make alterations, you don’t want to come across as a complainer as that can just get annoying.

Comment Sniper

I love reading blogs and analysing how other people write their material. If you find yourself stuck for ideas, why not head over to your favourite blog and read the comments on popular posts.

See if there is a trend in what people are asking and attempt to answer that question through a blog post.

Go for a Walk

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to go out for a walk, I need to churn out a blog post in the next 2 hours”. Sorry to disappoint you, but you seriously didn’t expect to get all your inspiration by sitting at a desk in front of a screen did you?

Trust me it’s the best way just get out and go for a walk, allow your mind to wander and sort things out. Eventually you’ll have ideas popping out at you, just remember to take your journal with you so you can write them all down.

Look For Stories

This one is really an extension of the point above. When you venture out for a walk keep an open mind, take in your surroundings and seek out stories that you can include in your posts. You never know when you may come across some interesting snippet of information.

Inspiration is all around us just take time to look out for those moments and the stories will follow.

Listen To Music

I find that listening to certain types of music can really help me focus and unlock internal thoughts; these can help in identifying what I really want to talk about and hence what I can write.

Talk to Yourself

I have a confession to make, I LOVE the sound of my own voice. I find that I can talk for hours on a topic that I know about but when it comes to writing it on to paper or screen, I stumble and fall, why?

My internal dialogue kicks into overdrive, making it harder to keep up whilst typing, resulting in loss of valuable information.

A simple solution I have come up with is to use dictation software to record the dialogue that I have in my head.

I just hit record and start talking about my topic, once I have everything I just play back and type, edit and make it presentable to publish.

Google To The Rescue

For more fun ideas head over to Google and start typing the start of a question like `how to’ or `should I’. The suggestions that normally come up under these are questions people are typing into Google frequently. Have a look and see if any of these questions are interesting enough for you to write about in a blog post.

photo credit: Eleaf via photopin cc