Have You Watched These 5 TED Talks? Hint: You Should.

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I run my business from my laptop, this means it’s easy to get side tracked with the likes of YouTube, Facebook and other platforms. As hiring a slapper on Craigslist is not an option, I normally resort to making the procrastination more productive by watching a few TED talks.

As an online entrepreneur it’s easy to get swept into the daily grind of working and maintaining your business, this can wear you out.
It’s important to stay on the ball, so next time you find yourself lacking motivation, get boosted by watching these TED talk’s.

These are sure to get your secret sauce flowing again, and back into productive beast mode in no time!

1. Success Formula- Richard St. John on 8 Secrets to Success

This is such a quick but effective talk. Success analyst and author Richard, condenses the secrets to success collated from his research of 500 extraordinary successful people, down to 3 minutes!

2. The Future of The American Dream – Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle talks us through his journey, from a financial analyst working ungodly hours to becoming location independent and running his business’s from around the world.

He outlines why an increasing amount of people are turning to financial freedom and the new American dream. Which is all about creating freedom to do what you want on your own terms.

The talk is a brilliant booster for anyone lacking motivation; or just wanting reassurance that the lifestyle they crave is within reach. Sean Ogle makes it look easy.

3. The First 20 Hours, How to Learn Anything- Josh Kaufman

I have talked many times about why learning new skills should be a top priority for you if you’re trying to set up a business online, therefore this talk is brilliant.

I have had many readers email me to ask how it can be possible for them with a full-time job and family responsibilities to take out time to learn the skills needed for online entrepreneurship, this video is the essence of my reply.

I love the entertaining talk by Josh Kaufman, but most importantly the message, which is – you can become good at any skill if you practice for 20 hours. This is enough to get you started, and the more you practice the better you will get.

4. Where is Home?- Pico Iyer

This is a brilliant talk if you are looking to travel with you’re online business. It highlights the benefits of travel and how it can make you a better person, change your perspective and give you better ideas.
All of which can help you in the journey to entrepreneurship.

5. Do What You Love (No Excuses)- Gary Vaynerchuk

This is such a kick ass talk, anything I say about it will not do it justice, so just go ahead and watch it!

photo credit: TEDxAlsace via photopin cc

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