Kick Ass Motivational Tips for Home Based Entrepreneurs

motivation for business

Being a home based entrepreneur is awesome, it allows you to work in your PJ’s, munching on a custard doughnut, while your daughter utters out her first words in the background.

As appealing as this may sound, there are times when even the most avid flexible worker needs a kick up the butt to get going again.

So stop feeling sorry for yourself and let’s get the ball rolling.

Below you can find a few motivational tips and techniques I use to kick me into action when I find myself reaching for the remote to watch Jeremy Kyle (ugh!) instead of working.


Sorry to be so yoga-ee (is there such a word?), but it’s the truth. Self-pity and negativity does not get you anywhere, even more so when YOU are the only person to rely on for motivation (Usually the case as most home based entrepreneurs work by themselves).

So how can I think positive when I’m feeling down in the dumps, depressed and ready to give it all up?

Try waking up early in the morning, getting some fresh air and spending some time to reflect on what direction you are looking to follow. Make a list of any accomplishments or small things that you have learned from the process so far.

Writing things down helps me realise how much I have actually achieved, and highlights things that I would have otherwise missed. Sometimes this is the only boost I need to think `hey, I can really do this’.

Make a routine of waking up thinking `Today’s the day’, this is an awesome way to train your subconscious brain to kill off any negativity at its source, resulting in a much more productive day.


No I don’t mean rush off to the nearest psychiatrist, I mean seek support from individuals who will boost your morale. We all need someone to give us a pat on the back occasionally to let us know we are doing ok, or send us in the right direction.

However, it’s necessary to seek support from individuals who know and understand what you’re up to, there’s no point asking advice from someone who doesn’t understand your dilemmas.

If you are trying to become location independent or build a lifestyle business, it is advisable to have a network of friends, who are in the same position, have similar aspirations and goals as you.

Ideally, these people should be slightly ahead of you in the process and so would have recently been through the problems you are now facing. These, are the people who will be able to get you going again and these are the people you should bug (ahem, I mean seek support from).

You will be surprised at how approachable people actually are and how willing they are to help.

It’s also surprising how, just reading a blog post or a small hint or tip from someone can really do wonders and kick you in to OVERDRIVE-PRODUCTIVE-BEAST mode.


When I first decided to go down the route of creating a location independent business, I did a lot of research around individuals already doing what I wanted. Even now, I turn to blogs, podcasts and vlogs for inspiration. It is always great to see other’s at various stages of the process following their dreams. That in itself is enough to motivate me to get back to speed again.

Nothing is impossible, always remember – If they can do it then surely you can too.


If like me, the predictability of a daily routine bores you to death, then this one is for you.

Always working from the same place can get boring as hell, so why not step outside and head to a coffee shop or park; this will add excitement to your day and give you a boost of energy.

If that’s not feasible then why not work in a different room in your house or maybe introduce a new task or jiggle around with the normal routine you have. Whatever it is you do normally, just change it occasionally, you will notice that your motivation will skyrocket with such a slight change.


The feeling of reaching a goal or sorting a problem out all by yourself is out of this world. It is therefore essential to reward yourself on such achievements. This doesn’t necessarily have to be large extravagant gifts. Something small can equally suffice such as an extra 10-minute break from work or a hot bubble bath, or even a small `Wohoo, I did it’ dance with the kids.

Whatever you decide is up to you, I have found that this really motivates me into action, as we all love a bit of indulgence upon achieving something.

I hope some of the above will help you get motivated and back on track creating your ultimate lifestyle, if not then just message me; I’ll be more than happy to give you a virtual kick up the butt!

No business can grow on unmotivated people. So get back in to action and make things happen. No one else will come and do it for you.


Do you have any killer strategies that you use at the moment? Why not share them with us below.


photo credit: Simon Clayson via photopin cc