How to Upload Information to Your Brain and Learn Something New

brain wave

All I have learned, I learned from books…

                                                                                                                – Abraham Lincoln


A couple of days ago I was attempting to multitask. I had the TV on while doing some work on the laptop.

I’m not a big fan of TV but I needed some background noise to keep me focused on the task and the TV was the closest thing. BIG mistake! I found myself in a trance totally engrossed, watching The Matrix for the 4th time.

It was only about 20 minutes later I realised and switched the TV off before I wasted another couple of hours.

Anyway I digress! Your probably wondering what The Matrix has to do with this post, well I happened to be watching the part where Neo was connected to the computer and learning all sorts of martial arts while they got downloaded to his brain.

Which got me thinking how cool it would be to be able to do that in reality? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could think of something to learn and just upload it to our brains. We would all be geniuses.

It was while I was pondering over this matter that this post came to be. You see we may not be at that stage just yet, where we can plug and unplug our brains to our computers to upload info. We DO however, have something that we can use to create the same effect just at a much slower pace. Reading books.

Yep, good ‘ol books. Who would have thought.

Seriously though, think about it, anything that you would ever want to learn is now found in book form. So what excuse do we have to not learn new things all the time.

I personally only tend to read non-fiction books as I prefer learning something all the time. No offence to the fiction readers out there.

As you know time is money, so my view is that if I’m going to spend time reading something it should help, enrich, improve me in some way or another.

For this reason the books on my reading list tend to be educational/ self-improvement/ information/ inspiration/ motivational books.

Below are some of the best books for internet entrepreneurs that I feel should be on your reading list:

The 4- work week, by Tim Ferriss
The Millionaire Mind, by T.J. Stanley
The Fire Starter Sessions, by Danielle LaPorte
The $100 startup, by Chris Guillebeau

These are some of the books I have found useful and am hoping you will too.

While we are on the topic of learning, I am hoping to learn some new skills that I can use for my online money-making ventures. Stay tuned for some new blog posts in which I will be documenting the whole process and showing you how you can implement the same strategies to start earning money online.

If there are any books that you have been reading that have helped you move forward in your business endeavours. Let me know in the comments, as I would love to add them to my ever-growing reading list.


photo credit: digitalbob8 via photopin cc