How To Create A Blog Or Website For Your Online Business

how to create a blog or website

Owning an asset online is awesome, it’s like a personal piece of land where you can create whatever you want. If you’re aspiring to become a location independent entrepreneur, it’s a necessity which cannot be ignored. However many people think they have to be a coding geek to create an online presence. So they put the idea off, never to return, letting their dream of entrepreneurship die a sudden death. The fact of the matter is that nowadays it is super easy to set-up online and have a live and kicking website/blog ready in just a few hours. How? I hear you say. Well, if you keep reading, all will be revealed.

# Step 1- Choose a Domain Name

For this step I will assume that you have already chosen a niche (don’t worry if you haven’t, as you can start with a general blog/site and specialise as you become more experienced. The key is to just start) This is your website address i.e. the URL, that people will use to get to your website. We will be using the Food niche for this example. You need to choose a good domain name and check if its available, start by brainstorming things related to your niche idea and see what you come up with. Try and stay away from extremely long names which can be hard to remember, or a name with too many hyphens or numbers in it, other than that don’t spend too long deciding as it can always be changed later. From the top of my head let’s go with (example) Once you have a domain name which best portrays what you’re trying to achieve, you’re good to go.

# Step 2- Purchase the Domain

There are many places you can check availability and buy a domain. Whichever one you choose is up to you as they are all pretty much the same. I normally buy all mine from GoDaddy, as I find it the easiest, others include Namecheap and Hover. ***If you can’t find the domain name you would like, go back to step 1, and try something else, alternatively instead of .com try etc and see if anything is available, try to stay away from .info domains though***

# Step 3- Purchase Hosting

If you decide on self hosting you will need to purchase a host for your website*. This is basically a place where the files from your website are stored. As you’re just starting off it doesn’t really matter much which one you go for, I currently use Bluehost. I have found them to be reasonably priced, plus they have a 24-hour chat-line which is useful if you get stuck. Just compare the different hosting companies and see which one you feel more comfortable with and go with that one. Whichever one you choose, make sure it has a one-click wordPress installation process.

# Step 4- Install WordPress

Great! Now you have your domain name and a host its time to install wordPress, luckily you chose a host which has the one-click installation, if you didn’t then click here to see how you can install it manually (and start pulling your hair out, only kidding). Go ahead and click that magic button, this will lead you through a step by step installation process. Congratulations. You have a brand new website, albeit an ugly one but your’s none-the-less.

# Step 5- Install a Theme

Ok so now the fun begins, you can pimp this baby up, no more ugliness I assure you. To install a theme start by going to, add your login deets which will take you to your website backend (ehem.). These details should have been emailed to you upon joining. Next click on the appearance tab on your dashboard and then the -add a theme- link. You can grab yourself a free theme from the wordPress options, if nothing takes your fancy you can download a premium one from Theme Forest, they have a huge selection. Once you have chosen a theme you can play around with the appearance as you become more confident with using wordPress.

# Step 6- Creating the Website/Blog Pages

Nearly there I promise. Go ahead and create some pages, these will largely depend on your niche. Sticking with the food blog example, you may have the following pages: Home, About me, Recipes, Food photography, Reviews, Contact me Ultimately this is up to you, what would you like to talk about? Or what do you think your readers may want?

# Step 7- And Breathe…

That’s it folks, you’re the proud owner of a spanking new website. You have just learned how to create a blog or website for your online endeavors, Now get adding some content and start creating your laptop lifestyle.


* look out for a post in the next few days to outline the differences between hosted and self hosting to help you decide.


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